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High limit bookmaker
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High limit bookmaker
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High limit bookmaker
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High limit bookmaker
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The future of gaming payments embraces the future of gaming payments. All deposits and cashouts are done in bitcoin.
This means no government regulated currencies and no expensive banks as middelmen.
And all payments happen instantly from wallet to wallet!

We are specialists in the asian sports betting markets, therefore we can offer much higher
limits than traditional bookmakers on both pre-game and live betting markets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest way is through the big Bitcoin exchanges, where you create an account and buy with credit card or Paypal. If you are in doubt ask Google. Also, we have a user friendly manual when you are logged in.

Bitcoin is yet to be considered as a “real” currency by governments, which means that it is not regulated. This is amazing for all the players, since it means that we can offer better prices than the local bookmakers, as well as almost instant transactions of deposits without involving a traditional money institute. Also we can accept players from any country in the world, except for local players from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

It is 100% safe. All bets are processed by the bookmaking software exactly like any traditional online bookmaker. The only difference is, that you place your bets in milli Bitcoin (mBTC) rather than Euro or USD. All you have to do is deposit from and withdraw to your own Bitcoin wallet. is a high limit bookmaker and has the “asian bookmaking system” implemented. Asian Handicap is the way of reducing bets into two outcomes, win or lose. The typical example in a soccer match is over/under 2.5 total goals or -0.5 goals in a handicap line. Let’s explain further via some examples:

Half lines:
o/u 2.5 goals: If you bet “over” you will win if there are 3 goals or more in the match, and otherwise lose.

-0.5: If you bet the team with a handicap of -0.5, you will win the bet if your team actually wins the match. If it is a draw or your team loses, then you will lose the bet.

Full lines:
o/u 3.0 goals: If the total goal count is exactly 3 goals, then the bet will be a draw and you will get your money back.

-1.0: If your team wins with exactly one goal, the bet will be a draw and you will get your money back. Your team must win by 2 goals or more for you to win the bet.

Quarter lines:
o/u 2.5/3: The quarter lines take half of your bet and place it on the first line, in this case 2.5, and the other half of your bet and place it on the second line, in this case 3.0. If you bet “over” you will lose both halves of the bet if there are 2 goals or less. If there are 3 goals, half your bet will win, while the other half will be a draw. If there are more than three goals, you will win on both halves of your bet.

-0.75/1: Just like the previous example, the quarter “handicap” bet will be divided into two halves, one on each line. If you bet -0.75/1 on a team, they must win by two goals for the full bet to win. If they win by one goal, half the bet will win and the other half will be a draw (money back). If your team doesn’t win the match, the full bet will lose.

You click on Cashier and then Deposit. Now you enter how much you want to deposit and click Deposit. Then you will be taken to B2BinPay’s Bitcoin payment page (. There you simply copy the wallet address that you must transfer the Bitcoin to. Now you go to your private wallet provider (for instance and make a transfer from there to the wallet address given by B2BinPay. After 10-30 minutes later, when the blockchain transaction has been verified, the credit will be in your wallet and you are ready to bet.

There is usually a fixed transaction cost by making a Bitcoin transfer, for that reason Bitcoin is extremely cheap and fast, and requires no banking or governmental regulatoins, if you transfer large amounts, but can be a bit expensive with micro transactions. It also depends on where you host your Bitcoin wallet and how much you want to pay. The more expensive transfers get priority on the blockchain and go up front, while the cheapest possible transaction must wait a bit longer, sometimes 12 to 24 hours.

The sports event you are betting on is probably in a “danger zone”, which means that we have temporarily paused the action to see if a critical goal or point will happen. For example a bet placed in a soccer match while a player is running down towards an open goal scoring opportunity. In this scenario the state of the match is “danger zone” and we will be pending all bets made to see if the event results in a goal or point.

To the support email:
We will usually respond the same day, but some time if we are too busy there might be 1-2 working days to respond. We strive to have the best possible customer service and will do our best to respond as fast as possible.

We are based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines which is a crypto friendly nation. We can therefore accept players from every nation of the world except for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.